Saturday, November 24, 2007


If Toobworld Central got anything out of "Black Friday", it was another example that in the TV Universe a human can be reincarnated as a dog.

In the commercial for Kohl's After Thanksgiving Sale, a small dust-mop of a pup awoke before 4 am to get the coffee maker ready, to blend up some kind of breakfast, and to pull the drapes open. And then it padded over to the bed of its mistress to wake her up.

But it didn't bark. It actually spoke English! With a feminine voice, the dog urged the young woman to get up out of bed and get out there for the After Thanksgiving Sale at Kohl's department store. Its job done, the dog then went back to bed.

A cute little blipvert, but for Toobworld it meant so much more. O'Bviously, that dog could speak English because it retained the ability from its previous life as a human.

Most of these reincarnated dogs who can actually talk usually end up with someone they were close to in their previous lives. So based on the voice, I'd say the dog had been the young woman's best friend in college. Perhaps she was a materialistic fashionista and it was one trait that her soul had not transcended in the new life.

Or maybe it might have even been her mother, reborn! And just like a Mom, the dog was doing all it could to help her daughter.

Whoever the dog may have been in the previous life, it seems apparent that the two of them have been together long enough so that the concept of a talking dog really wasn't shocking to the young woman.

I guess it would have been unseemly to have a male-voiced mutt show up in her boudoir at that time of the day......


Toby OB

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