Sunday, April 15, 2007


I thought that at some point in the history of Television, surely there must have been some TV series that had space vampires in an episode. Vampires from outer space who sucked/drank blood.

But apparently, the first episode of 'Doctor Who' this season, "Smith And Jones", was the first to feature such a creature.

I could be wrong; I often am. If so, let me know!

There have been vampires in outer space before, but not the kind that subsisted on blood. In "The Man-Trap", an episode of 'Star Trek', the crew of the Enterprise had to contend with the last known Salt Vampire. And in an episode of 'Buck Rogers In The 25th Century', which was simply called "Space Vampire", a monstrous being known as a Vorvon was a vampire who robbed his victims of their souls.

So the Plasmavore who called herself "Florence Finnegan" may have been the first blood-sucking vampire seen outside the human race of Earth. And it could be that it was a Plasmavore who began the tradition back in Earth's pre-history. This would lead to a connection with such shows as 'The Kindred: The Embraced', 'Dracula: The Series', 'The Curse of Dracula', 'Mrs. and Mrs. Dracula', 'Young Dracula', 'Little Dracula', and even 'The Munsters'!

Toby OB


MediumRob said...

So much Doctor Who, so many vampires.

State of Decay (Tom Baker) featured the vampires that the Time Lords had fought and forced into E-space; The Curse of Fenric (Sylvester McCoy) had Haemovores, futuristic vampires created from toxic waste (or something). I think The Chase (William Hartnell) had a robotic Dracula in a museum, too.

Toby said...

Thanks, Rob!

My 'Doctor Who' knowledge is sorely lacking. But luckily I have these two good friends in Mark and Michael who are Dr. Who fans with practically a complete library at my disposal. Slowly I'm working my way through it all.

So eventually I'll get to all of these tales (if the Hartnell one still exists of course!)

But I'll add the info to my files right away!

MediumRob said...

The Chase still exists, although many argue it shouldn't. You used to be able to get it on VHS. Don't rush, lest you get sucked into the DARDIS.

Michael said...

Tobys good freind Michael here. I just have to say that I love the chase, it you take it as light hearted B Movie Dalek fun. Also don't try and watch it all at once. I have it on DVD and VHS. It is also known for being the last episode with Barbra and Ian who were with the original cast of Doctor Who. To also add to the vampires in Doctor Who, there was a Misssing Adventures book called "Goth Opera" which had Tegan and Nyssa and Romana #2, also another book called "Blood Harvest". The episode called "The Stones of Blood" had the stone Ogri that fed on human blood as well.

Toby said...

Michael's given me an idea I may run with some day....

Humans can be transformed into vampires. So maybe the Ogri were the living stone version (or undead version, actually) - they could be vampiric Excalbians from that 'Star Trek' episode "The Savage Curtain"....

Thanks for the idea, Michael!