Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Who could have guessed that 'The Sopranos' would have a spin-off? But there on Monday night, there was the televersion of one of those HBO 'First Look' specials, this time for the movie within the TV show, "Cleaver".

Filming of the movie, described as "'Saw' Meets 'The Godfather'", has been chronicled on 'The Sopranos' over the last few seasons. And there were scenes from the series sprinkled throughout the fifteen minute special. But most of it was concerned with the actual filming of one of the scenes which was shown on the series this past Sunday night.

Featured in the special were the executive producers of "Cleaver", Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr. and Christopher Moltisanti - not the actors playing them, but the actual characters, thus keeping the special within the boundaries of Toobworld. Also interviewed were the film's "director", Morgan Yam, and its two stars, Jonathan LaPaglia and Daniel Baldwin, both appearing as themselves.

Here it is, only April, and I think we have the front-runner for the 2007 Toobit award for Best Spin-Off!

Toby OB

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