Wednesday, April 18, 2007


There's another character on '30 Rock' who might have a genealogical link with another sitcom character. And since that other sitcom is currently on NBC as well, perhaps we might actually see this play out someday.

Jason Sudeikis plays Floyd, Liz Lemon's "Flower Guy", who works as a lawyer in the NBC corporate offices. Sudeikis also is a cast member on 'Saturday Night Live'. So far he's been able to juggle both jobs, but I wonder which he would choose if forced to make a choice? (It's a shame Rachel Dratch didn't do the same thing. Instead, she jumped ship from 'SNL' to play Jenna Malone on '30 Rock', but after the pilot was filmed she was replaced by Jane Krakowski.)

When Rainn Wilson hosted 'Saturday Night Live', Sudeikis was seen in the monologue as himself, but as a clone of Jim Halpert, John Krasinski's character on 'The Office'. (Rainn Wilson plays Dwight Schrute on the show, hence the comedy bit.)

Maybe Jim's smirk is easy enough to emulate. But with his hair styled just right, Sudeikis looked similar enough to Krasinski to suggest that they might be cousins.

And that's how NBC could capitalize on their two best comedies, by doing a crossover between 'The Office' and '30 Rock' with Floyd as Jim's cousin.

Even though 'The Office' takes place in Scranton, Pa., and '30 Rock' is O'Bviously set in Manhattan, the crossover wouldn't be such a stretch. Perhaps Jim showed up to see his cousin while in town on business for Dunder-Mifflin.

As for getting Floyd down to 'The Office'? Maybe he could bring Liz Lemon along to meet other members of the family and they stop by to see where Jim works. And of course, they would be subjected to pure cringiness from Jim's boss, Michael Scott.

Something Liz could later mock on 'TGS with Tracy Jordan'!

Toby OB

I may have posted too soon. With tonight's episode of '30 Rock', we learned that Floyd's family is from the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Also, tonight may have been his last episode as he took the job with a law firm in Cleveland. So if you need a shot of Jason Sudeikis, you'll only have 'Saturday Night Live' as an option.

I suppose it never would have lasted. Tina Fey is always going to find more humor in Liz Lemon being unlucky in love. (And thanks to Tracy Jordan, I can't spell her name as anything but "Liz Lemon"!)

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