Tuesday, April 17, 2007


'Brothers & Sisters' may have made a genealogical link to 'Star Trek' this week with the introduction of Nora Walker's arch-rival, Miranda Jones (played by the always fantastic Susan Sullivan).

Back in the 1960s, Diana Muldaur appeared in an episode of 'Star Trek' ("Is There In Truth No Beauty?") as Dr. Miranda Jones, a blind telepath linked to the Medusan ambassador.

The Miranda Jones of the 21st Century has 15 grand-children, some by her sons, I'm sure. So it could be that there was a tradition in that branch of the Jones family to have at least one Miranda Jones in each generation. It doesn't necessarily mean that Dr. Jones so many centuries in the future had to be named for this particular Miranda Jones. And I tend to doubt there would be a reason to do so.....

Toby OB

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