Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have to say that Entertainment Weekly called it right this week with their assessment about the 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' movie. It's their opinion that Cartoon Network picked the wrong property of theirs to showcase in their first full-length theatrical release.

Instead, it should have been 'The Venture Brothers', a wacked spin on 'The Adventures Of Jonny Quest'. With Patrick Warburton in the cast as Brock (the Race Bannon-like family bodyguard), it has the potential for over-the-top action sequences to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats while they're laughing their asses off at the same time.

And I would have thrown in a cameo by 'Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law' to test audience reaction; see if he had potential for his own feature.

Toby OB


Chuck said...

Amen to a big-screen Venture Bros. My daughter introduced me to it via YouTube last month, my ass was completely laughed off halfway through the first episode, and I'm now on my second viewing of the complete cycle.

Is The Monarch not the greatest animated villain since C. Montgomery Burns first released the hounds, or what?

Toby said...

Thanks for checking in, Chuck!

I'd certainly put the Monarch up there near the top of all-time toon villains in TV. But you're right - definitely the best since Monty Burns!