Thursday, March 1, 2007


"I'm just trying to figure out which Gilmore girl you are."
'Veronica Mars'

I've pretty much surrendered to the fact that mentions of 'Gilmore Girls' will always be Zonks; there's just no way around the fact.

The show has been mentioned in shows like 'Scrubs' and 'My Boys', and on 'Six Feet Under' the characters were seen actually watching it!

But what really bothers me about the above quote from 'Veronica Mars' is that it cancels any chance there might have been for that show to have a crossover with 'Gilmore Girls' now that they're both on the same network.

I had written about this in the past, that some excuse could be found to have Rory and Lorelei go out to the West Coast and visit Neptune on some pretext... like checking out Hearst College for grad school. Or maybe the plot could have had Keith and his daughter go to Stars Hollow, Connecticut in connection to some investigation. But for Veronica to make a joke about the Gilmores because she knows it's just a TV show seems to preclude that.

C'est le view.....


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