Tuesday, February 27, 2007

D'OHHH! RE: ME....

I'm getting a song performed on Broadway!

My friend Marie Mazziotti has created a theatrical presentation called 'fore-play, with the idea that she (or in the future, some other performer in her employ) could perform for the Broadway audiences as they're getting seated.

Before play, see?

So she asked me for my help, and I wrote the lyrics for the third song in her trilogy. (She has only about ten minutes for each performance.)

The song looks at what the Future holds for the audience at Broadway shows, and is similar to "Instructions To The Audience" by Sondheim. (We tip our hat to him in it.)

The other two songs are both her creations - "Welcome To The Show" and "New York Anthem", but I'm not sure that one will survive.

Marie had an audition Monday for the head honcho of the Nederlander empire and it's a go! She was hoping to be able to launch this with 'Legally Blonde', but now it looks like it'll be premiered with 'Grease' instead.

So it's my little claim of fame, the legit version anyway....


For more on Marie:

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you.
Dave and Colette