Friday, March 2, 2007


As a treat for the guys I work with, I ordered a disk from the "Best of 'Charlie's Angels' set through Netflix. Of course the one I got included "Angels In Chains", the legendary episode in which Farrah supposedly popped out of her prison shirt while running through the swamp.

Well, no matter how slow I ran it or when I froze the scenes altogether, we couldn't find exactly where it's supposed to happen, although we had a few viable candidates. But the guys I work with are easy to please, and they were quite happy with the "darts" shot earlier in the episode when Farrah was without bra in a yellow top.

"Angels In Chains" had the girls working undercover in a women's prison. There they befriended another young woman named Linda Hunter who also had been wrongfully imprisoned. Later, at the end of the episode, Charlie Townsend offered Linda a job as a receptionist for the detective agency. So it's to be assumed that from that point on in future episodes, Linda was sitting just outside the main office at her reception desk.

And it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that on one or more of the many cases we never saw dramatized from Toobworld, Linda joined in with the other Angels in working undercover to solve the mystery. She may not have had police training, but she was smart and probably picked up skills while in prison that came in handy in times of distress. And I think she'd be eager to help out in their fights for justice after being wrongfully accused herself.

There I go, enabling fanficcers again. I know somebody who's going to be upset with that.....

But here's the thing; why I bring it up. The actress who played Linda Hunter was Kim Basinger. So in the long line of Angels who worked for Charlie Townsend, unofficially there was one who was portrayed by a future Oscar winner!


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