Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well, I remember saving the article, but I forgot to pass on notice about this:

Pop/rock band, Scissor Sisters, will make their acting debut guest starring on NBC's popular daytime drama "Passions" airing February 8 and 9 (2 p.m. in most markets). The band will be performing two songs, "I Don't Feel Like Dancin" and "Land of a Thousand Words," off their new hit album Ta-Dah.

In this two-episode arc, young witch Endora (Nicole Cox), a big fan of Scissor Sisters, conjures them up in Tabitha's (Juliet Mills) living room. The band, extremely disoriented, plays their first song and then suddenly disappears into thin air, leaving Endora wanting more.

After Endora is put to bed, she decides she wants an encore. This time she makes them appear at the hottest club in Harmony, The Blue Note, where she is dressed as a Scissor Sister groupie. Realizing they are no longer at their concert, the band is once again confused, but decide to keep on playing for the excited crowd.

What I'm hoping for is a third appearance by Anthrax in some TV show. They've already appeared (or at least have been mentioned in a fictional sense) on 'NewsRadio' and 'Married... With Children'. I think appearing on Brendon's Chicago radio show ('My Boys') might be the perfect showcase. (I think Queesryche has been the only band mentioned as having visited him in the studio.)

However, it could be that in the last six years, any mention of "anthrax" on TV could be unsettling. Then again, how disturbing could it be after watching Valencia get nuked.....


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