Friday, March 2, 2007


Two years ago, I chose the Capital One "Visa-Goths" over the Geico Cavemen for best commercial characters in the annual Toobits awards. I thought the barbarians had more staying power.

They're still making commercials but the concept is running out of steam, whereas the Cavemen are still going strong with blipverts that have them at the airport, on talking heads news shows, at a psychiatrist's office, and just taking it easy at parties.

Now ABC plans to expand on the idea with a half-hour sitcom dealing with the trio of cavemen fighting prejudice as they carve out a niche for themselves as 'thirtySOMETHING's in modern-day Atlanta.

Too bad this sitcom wasn't being developed for CBS; they could have brought back the Sugarbakers for a very special episode during Sweeps!

The show is being written by Joe Lawson, who was behind the idea for using the Cavemen in the ads, so there might be some legitimate linkage involved - especially if the same actors are involved.

Producer Lorne Michaels got pissed when he heard NBC was going with Aaron Sorkin's take on 'Saturday Night Live' and wanted to make sure the one from his production company had a shot as well. So this season we had both 'Studio 60' and '30 Rock'.

Maybe now he'll demand the chance to produce a Caveman sitcom as well, since the late Phil Hartman played "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer" on 'SNL' over a decade ago.

And maybe CBS should jump into the act as well since it's been forty years since they introduced the idea of cavemen from the prehistoric past being brought forward in Time to live in Los Angeles on 'It's About Time'.

And then the "Visa-Goths" can swoop in and slaughter them all!

What's in your wallet?


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Ivan G. said...

I don't like the Geico Caveman Talking Head spot because of the caveman. I like it because it spoofs those pathetic pundit shows so brilliantly.