Thursday, March 1, 2007


On tonight's episode of 'Lost' ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), James Ford, aka Sawyer, admitted to Kate that he watched 'Little House On The Prairie' when he was growing up. His excuse was that he was really sick and confined to bed and they only had one station to watch.

This isn't a Zonk, because even though 'Little House On The Prairie' and 'Lost' exist in the same TV Universe, the Toobworld version of 'Little House' wasn't exactly the same as the one we saw in the real world.

There really was a Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote a series of books about her experiences growing up on the "final frontier", but in Toobworld, she looked like Melissa Gilbert when she was a little girl.

And just as her experiences were adapted into a TV series in the real world, so they were in Toobworld as well. Who knows what Laura Ingalls Wilder looked like in the version watched by Sawyer? She could have been played by Mindy Cohn for all we know. After all, if the televersion of Mindy became an actress as well, we know she wouldn't have been playing Natalie on 'The Facts Of Life' - that was actually happening in Toobworld.

So the TV habits of Sawyer in his childhood remain free for the moment of Zonk infestation.


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