Saturday, March 17, 2007


Picking one show to look at its connection to the heritage of the Irish today, I chose 'Maverick' for two of its episodes.

First up, a look at Irish history through the eyes of a Maverick:

"The Bold Fenian Man"
(Beau Maverick)
The Fenians, an Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood, are trained soldiers sworn to free Ireland from British rule. The Fenians have gathered in Dakota City to plan a march into Canada where they want to take hold of a small part of British property hostage in exchange for Ireland's freedom. After England pressures the United States to intervene, Beau Maverick is blackmailed into infiltrating the Fenians ranks by a shrewd Army colonel.

And going for the theme of Irish legends....

"Mr. Muldoon's Partner"
(Bart Maverick)
An Irish-themed leprechaun comedy with Mickey Rooney's lookalike son, Tim Rooney. Mickey Shaughnessey played Mr. Muldoon, and it's never settled one way or the other as to Muldoon being a real leprechaun. (However, he does bear enough of a resemblance to the leprechaun in the Visa Check Card commercial to suggest he may be that leprechaun's father.)


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