Friday, March 16, 2007


John Locke joined the majority of Oceanic 815's survivors this past Wednesday when he pushed Mikhail Bukanin to his death into that sonic fence that surrounds Othersville.

Well, a majority of those survivors we know well, that is.

What does he now have in common with them? He killed or caused/contributed to the death of another human being. (I'm leaning towards "killed". I think he was hoping on Bukanin to die so that his secret about once being paralyzed was kept safe.)

JACK - The doctor had to make a choice: Shannon Rutherford's Dad was left to die so that Jack might save the life of Sarah.

KATE - Where to begin? It's always best to begin at the beginning, so she blew up her abusive step-dad. Her boyfriend was shot dead while trying to help her escape. She was eager to see Marshall Mars put out of his misery. She shot one of the two Others who were tailing them at the end of Season Two.

SAWYER - He shot the other Other while on that trek with Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Michael. He also murdered a man whom he mistakenly believed to have been the real Sawyer, responsible for the deaths of his parents.

MICHAEL - In an attempt to get his son back, Michael shot Ana Lucia Cortez and Libby in cold blood.

HURLEY - He believes that 23 people died in a tragic sun deck collapse because he was on the deck as well. Then there's Tricia Tanaka and the camera man inside the Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, his grandfather's heart attack....

CHARLIE - As revenge against the kidnapping of Claire, the former drug addict felt he had to step up to the plate and so he shot Ethan once they cornered him.

SAYID - Who knows how many people he killed or caused to be executed with his interrogation skills? But we do know he shot and killed his superior officer in order to protect Nadia.

MR. EKO - As with Sayid, we don't know how many people Eko killed, but he must have been knee-deep in the blood. His career of carnage began when he was about twelve and he killed an old man so that his younger brother would not be forced to do so. He killed many of his enemies while in Africa and several of the Others on the island.

SUN - She shot the Other woman who had her trapped on board the sailboat. She later died in surgery back at the Hydra station.

JIN - He may have set up Sun's lover Jae Lee to be murdered or at the very least caused him to commit suicide once he beat the crap out of the guy for having an affair with his wife. Although he hesitated in actually killing a man on orders from Sun's father, we have yet to see whether or not he finally did so while in his employ.

DESMOND - Once he believed that Kelvin Inman had been lying to him for three years, Desmond lashed out and beat the man's head on the rocks by the water. He may also have served time in a military prison for a death-related offense.

ANA LUCIA - She gunned down the man who shot her and caused her to lose her baby. And she impaled Goodwin on a pike.

CLAIRE - In this past week's episode, we also learned that Claire claimed responsibility for the car crash that left her mother in a permanent vegetative coma. And if that's not a living "death", what is?

WALT - No deaths have been attributed to him.

BOONE & SHANNON - No deaths have been attributed to them.

BERNARD & ROSE - No deaths have been attributed to them.

CINDY - N deaths have been attributed to her.

VINCENT - No deaths have been attributed to him... yet. I'm hoping the dog will finally get a flashback episode of "his" own.

PAOLO & NIKKI - No deaths have been attributed to them. However, there are those who say that they've killed the audience's interest in the show.

Just sayin', is all. I'm willing to wait and see what their flashback episode brings.


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