Friday, March 16, 2007


Last night, NBC offered up its inaugural "newpeat" of 'The Office'. "Newpeat" is their coined word for a repeat that contains new footage (via deleted scenes) and which excised previously seen moments.

A lot of the "new" material was already available on the web at, but it was new for people like me - dial-up dinosaurs.

The concept of "newpeats" isn't exactly original with NBC. FOX created an entire series based on the idea. 'Ally' was a half-hour dramady which took edited episodes of 'Ally McBeal', mixed in unused footage, and created this flub-a-dub of a show.

On the whole, this is a very exciting concept for Toobworld, and one that can go on to encompass all syndicated repeats of TV shows since the Dawn of Time, BC (Before Cable) which have had their souls ripped out through editing to make room for more commercials.

We were not watching the same two episodes of 'The Office' last night as were originally broadcast, thanks to the give-and-take of editing. Therefore, the rejiggered one hour episode was not showing us the events from Earth Prime-Time.

We were watching 'The Office' from an alternate TV dimension!

Here's a key difference between the two versions of last night's show. In the original, Jim clued Michael into the treachery of Andy. But he doesn't do so in the newpeat. So Michael comes off looking uncommonly insightful.

A perceptive Michael Scott is one that has the potential to be far more dangerous in the long run than the clueless doofus we're accustomed to week after week.

I wish I was the Master of the TV Universe, rather than just a Caretaker. I would have digitally inserted a goatee on Michael, just like Spock had in the 'Star Trek' episode "Mirror, Mirror". Then we'd know we were in the evil, dark version of Scranton.

Well, the evil part would be different.

Just sayin', is all.......


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