Saturday, March 17, 2007


Everybody has a few skeletons in their past, things they may be embarrassed to admit later in life once they've reached a certain position and achieved a respectable reputation. I'm sure this has happened to people in positions of authority, like, let's say, police detectives who might be uncomfortable or unwilling to admit to the errors in judgment they made in their carefree youth.

Let's take LAPD Detective Michael Raines, for example.

He's got enough troubles to deal with now as it is, considering he "sees" the ghosts of murder victims. Unlike the main characters in 'Medium' and 'The Ghost Whisperer', Raines' spirits haunt him because in some ways he's mentally unbalanced since the shooting of his partner.

So I'm sure it will never come up that before he became a policeman, 'Raines' was a university student caught up in the political unrest of the mid-1970s as he joined in the protests against the Suarian government.

Proof of his involvement at rallies outside the Suarian consulate in Los Angeles can be found here.

But you really should check out the whole site. It's the best damn website for Columbo I've ever visited! (But for great 'Columbo' fanfic, visit "Just One More Paragraph". You'll find the link to the left......)



Brent McKee said...

Interestingly enough there was supposed to be a link to the series Boomtown as it was reported that Mikelti Williamson would do a cameo in his role of "Fearless" from that show (which was created by Graham Yost who created Raines). Either I missed it, it was cut, or it wasn't the pilot episode that the appearance was supposed to take place, because I didn't see or hear Mikelti Williamson.

Martin Ross said...

Toby, so great to hear from you again. Thanks for the plug, and the insights on Det. Raines (we all have our wild oats to sow -- it's just a good thing Sgt. Joe Friday gave him a sound talking-to at headquarters and set him on the road to a career in law enforcement). If only his daydreaming half-brother Lionel Whitney had channeled his interest in criminology into public service (considering late partner Charlie's half-sibling pursued an undercover career with the NYPD).

Love Inner Toob -- drop in every night. As a gesture of gratitude for your support and continued service, I'm dedicating my new X-Files/L&O:CI crossover fic (going up in April at Virtual Season 14 -- to you. Featuring a post-"The Good" appearance of ADA Ron Carver (really miss Courtney Vance), Doc Rodgers relating another date with the late Lenny Briscoe, and of course, Hudson University and The Ledger. This one's for you.

Best always,
Martin Ross