Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Got two shipments from today, so here's my latest additions to the library here at Toobworld Central:

'Studio One' - "The Defender"

This is the show I've been blathering about this week. It served as the pilot for the later series starring EG Marshall and Robert Reed. But this 1957 production had Ralph Bellamy and William Shatner in those roles and now scenes from the production will be used as flashbacks for Denny Crane (also Shatner) on the next 'Boston Legal'.

'Studio One' - "The Laughmaker" & "The Square Peg"

I've already seen "The Laughmaker" thanks to TV Land, back when they really had a handle on being the reliquary for Television's heritage. "The Square Peg" sounds like it could have been the inspiration for the movie "Analyze This!", and I'm a big fan of Orson Bean....

'Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman', Volume One

I won't kid myself. I've seen what's happened with the output for the shows 'Murphy Brown' and 'Barney Miller' - the sales for the first season were sluggish and so any chance of getting later seasons in boxed sets are pretty dismal, if not completely kayoed.

There were over 300 episodes of 'MH, MH' and I doubt we'll ever see them all collected in boxed sets. It just doesn't have the fan base of a serial like 'Dark Shadows' to support such a venture.

But I was that big a fan and it still irks me that Metromedia 5 decided to cancel the sequel 'Forever Fernwood' just weeks from the point where it would have been finished anyway. And what did they replace it with? Repeats of 'Hogan's Heroes'!

Anyway, I have these 25 episodes at least so that I can make a return trip to Fernwood, Ohio......

'Lost' - Season Two

Just never got around to picking it up until now, but my sister provided the impetus.

Can't tell you why. Sorry.


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