Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It took me awhile to find the proper link that works to get the latest update on the Bracketsville, Florida, competition. The direct link supplied by the Florida Times-Union kept giving me a 404.

But you, dear Toobers, don't have to jump through those hoops. I have the right link for you!

The Finals have been announced. And as many expected and predicted while the competitors were whittled down (or nipped in the bud, as one finalist might say), it's going to be Barney Fife of 'The Andy Griffith Show' vs. Lucy Ricardo of 'I Love Lucy'.

Just as with the Chicago version - in which it was Jack Bauer of '24' vs Kara "Starbuck" Thrace of 'Battlestar Galactica', the final battle is one of gender. (Starbuck won.)

Here's what the Times-Union had to say about the Final Four poll that brought them both to the Big Dance:

"What may have been a bit stunning, though, is the power each displayed in the semifinals. Barney Fife nipped Archie Bunker in the bud by about 20 percentage points, and Lucy Ricardo sent Ralph Kramden to the moon with a margin of about 40 percentage points."

So who's it going to be for your ultimate choice? The nervous, jittery deputy from Mayberry who carries his only bullet in his shirt pocket and who has provided his portrayer with five Emmy awards? Or the scheming, star-struck housewife who gets drunk on Vitameatavegemin, stomps grapes, stuffs her blouse with chocolate, and sets her nose on fire, and who is already a member of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame?

Vote now! You have until Thursday at midnight, EST, and the results will be announced on Sunday.


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