Thursday, March 29, 2007


We knew 'Lost' was connected to 'Alias' because of the Driveshaft song that played during a party scene. And we knew Charlie's girlfriend's father was going to look into buying the Slough paper company from 'The Office'.

The use of Oceanic Airways by 'Diagnosis Murder' and 'The War At Home' ties those shows to 'Lost' as well.

But who knew we could link it to 'Scrubs', 'Martin', '227', and 'The Jeffersons'!

All of those are connected to 'Lost' in Toobworld as of last night, since Billy Dee Williams appeared as himself in the opening minutes of the show. The tele-version of Billy Dee has a major role in "the most awesome hour of Television" (as Hurley describes it) - 'Expose'.

It was a quick cameo; we got to see him in action as Mr. LaShade, the mentor to the stripper-spies Autumn and Crystal. But the episode that was being filmed just before the fateful flight also revealed that he was their arch-enemy all along, "The Cobra".

After shooting that final scene for Nikki Fernandez as guest star Corvette, Billy Dee displayed his ultra-smooth moves by helping her off the floor after so callously shooting her to death in the scene a moment earlier.

And that was it.

But perhaps we'll see him again on the show, on TVs in scenes from 'Expose' (the Toobworld version of producer JJ Abrams' 'Alias'?) which could possibly show up in the background of flashbacks for the other characters.

We shall see....


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