Thursday, March 29, 2007


In a commercial which cashes in on "March Madness", sportscaster Jim Nantz is seen working at a Circuit City store. (Sony gets to piggyback a mention in the blipvert.)

It turns out that because an employee named Brian gave him such a sweet deal on all of his purchases, Nantz was working for him while Brian was at the basketball tournament.

Since the ad wasn't just a celeb pitchman, but instead had an actual storyline, it can be added to Nantz's body of work.

And that list includes:

'Yes, Dear'
'Criminal Minds'

I've also included 'Clubhouse' since he was the "Voice of the Empires" on that show about a baseball franchise. Since he was never identified with an actual name, I think it only fair to consider "The Voice Of The Empires" to be the televersion of Jim Nantz, making a few extra bucks.

And we know from the commercial, he likes to save those bucks....


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