Saturday, March 31, 2007


In this week's episode of 'South Park' ("The Snuke"), it was a dark toon-time of the soul, when a British plot to reclaim the United States as its colony was foiled. And as a result, the brains behind the scheme - Elizabeth II, Queen of England - left hers splattered on the walls behind her throne as she "ate her gun". Allegedly this left the collective knickers of all Britons in a twist.

Not much of an uproar here in America over the depiction of Hillary Clinton in the same episode, even after having a nuclear device installed in her nether regions.

From Elizabeth Regina to Hillary's vagina....

We've seen Queen Elizabeth II interact with 'The Simpsons', and I'll bet she's shown up on 'Family Guy'. Bbut this should mean that Her Majesty is not just merely dead, but really most sincerely dead in the Tooniverse. (This would have no effect on Earth Prime Time nor its thousands of alternate dimensions.)

Of course, we're talking about 'South Park' here. So if the Queen should appear ever again in a cartoon - even in 'South Park'! - there's no Zonk. People are coming back to life in the world of 'South Park' all the time.

Just ask Kenny....


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