Friday, October 20, 2006


When Locke brought Eddie into the commune on this past week's episode of 'Lost' ("Further Instructions"), the hitch-hiker was wearing a "Geronimo Jackson" t-shirt which he claimed belonged to his dad.

"Geronimo Jackson" is the fictitious musical group from the late sixties/early seventies who were probably comparable to Charlie's Driveshaft (as in "one hit wonders").

To get a good closeup of the t-shirt picture, checkout this image courtesy of DarkEcho:

Notice the band member standing in the front.

Cuts quite a Sawyerish figure, doesn't he?

Could it be that he is James Ford, Sr.?

We don't know much more about Sawyer's dad than that he was bilked out of his money by the real Sawyer and that he killed his wife and himself.

So what if it turned out that he was a member of "Geronimo Jackson" at one time? Even as a one-hit wonder, the band must have made some money, and the elder Ford might have invested it wisely.

Only to lose it to a con man.....

As Vincent Van Gopher would say, "It's pozz'ble. It's pozz'ble...."

When it comes to 'Lost', this would hardly be the wildest circumstance yet.


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