Saturday, October 21, 2006


I've got quite a backlog of stuff I've wanted to write about this week. Still, I should have mentioned this on Tuesday after seeing my tape of the episode.

Once they landed in the United States, Hiro and Ando rented a car and headed for Las Vegas. They were following the lead provided in the comic book, but Ando was more interested in gambling.

And where did he get the chance to play games of chance?

The Montecito. Star location of the TV series 'Las Vegas'.

It only makes sense. NBC is on a cost-cutting campaign - they fired 700 staffers and delared the 8 pm hour on all nights to be a fiction-free zone (because game shows and "reality" shows are cheaper to produce).

So why not use a set from a TV show you already have in production? And since there are no unions to protect the rights of TV sets, the casino was a lot cheaper to use than bringing in some character from 'Las Vegas'.

This means that 'Heroes' can be linked to 'Las Vegas', 'Crossing Jordan', and 'Passions' officially. Unofficially, in true Toobworld style, there are also the following shows:

'Dr. Vegas'

Probably even more shows that my sleep-deprived mind and pain-wracked body (muscle spasm) can't remember which could be added as well.

Feel free to send me your suggestions for links to 'Heroes'.


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