Friday, October 20, 2006


There will no longer be any need for me as a Toobworld caretaker to find a way to have 'Brotherhood' and 'Waterfront', both shows set in Providence, Rhode Island, exist in the same TV dimension. That's because CBS has cancelled 'Waterfront' after four episodes were shot, but before any of them had the chance to be broadcast.

This marked the third series starring Joe Pantoliano (who would have played the corrupt mayor a la Buddy Cianci) to have been cancelled by the Great Eye. But it's the first to never make it to the air. (The other two series were 'The Handler' and 'Dr. Vegas'.)

Those four episodes could eventually find their way onto the TV screens elsewhere; perhaps as fodder for a "Brilliant But Cancelled" limited run on Bravo or some other network, in much the same way as Trio used to do when it was a real network.

In the meantime, 'Brotherhood' will begin shooting a second season for Showtime in March 2007. I don't know if they have a mayoral figure in that show (I think the politician brother is a congressman or city councilman?), but maybe they could work in an appearance by Pantoliano as his "Mayor Buddy" character just as a tip of the hat to 'Waterfront'.

There is at least one show, already cancelled, which doesn't look as though it will ever be cause for Zonking when it comes to its reconciilation with 'Brotherhood'. That would be 'Providence', in whose world we can allow the appearance of the mobbed-up brother.


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