Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Before her appearance in the season premiere of 'Lost' as Juliet, I don't think I had ever seen Elizabeth Mitchell before. Or if I had, she failed to register with me.

I could check the to be sure, but if you weren't aware of it yet, I am inherently lazy and that effort, to me, constitutes "work".

But in just two episodes of the show, she has dominated my thoughts as to where the show might go. (Which, let's face it, is a waste of time. I have yet to be able to guess where the show was taking me without the help of outside spoilers.)

I think of all the "Others" we've met so far, Juliet is the one that scares me the most. If Ben Linus was as smart as he tries to appear, he should be scared too - I sense some bad vibes between the two of them.

And I fear for Jack, who, as I've stated before, is my nominee for "Lostaway" that won't be seeing the other side of the winter hiatus. There's just something creepy about the way she says "Hello, Jack" that makes me think she'd have no problem dispatching him with an equally icy "Goodbye, Jack".

So have you seen the blipverts for the third Santa Clause movie starring Tim Allen as the jolly old elf? (I think it's called "Escape Claus".) Apparently, Elizabeth Mitchell was in the second movie as the new Mrs. Claus and now she's back for another go-round.

Martin Short is also starring as the villainous Jack Frost, but I see Ms. Mitchell standing there in the commercial and I can't shake the feeling that she's the one that could prove to be the undoing of Santa........

Just sayin' is all......


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