Monday, October 16, 2006


Near the end of last season, 'The Insider' correspondent Victoria Recano turned up on an episode of 'CSI Miami', playing a TV reporter. According to the and, she was playing herself.

This past week, just about half a year later, she turned up in an episode of the franchise mothership, 'CSI'. Again, she was a reporter, unnamed, and working for TV station KRAP.

Boy, there's an unfortunate set of call letters in any other market, but in Las Vegas maybe it works. (I guess the cameramen for the station are called KRAP-shooters?)

I don't think Ms. Recano was meant to be appearing as herself in this episode, unless her televersion doesn't work for 'The Insider'. I didn't see the 'CSI: Miami' episode, so I can't say for certain whether or not she really was playing herself in that.

So this could play out either way - Victoria Recano of Toobworld has an identical twin who is also in the business; or her two appearances were the same reporter who was now working in Las Vegas after taking a new job assignment after leaving Miami.

In the fickle world of TV news, that's not unheard of......

Speaking of last week's episode of 'CSI', I tuned in hoping for the chance to lay down some d-ride on K-Fed, aka Mr. Britney Spears. But I have to admit, for what little he had to do, in what turned out to be a small but pivotal role, he did it well.



Brent McKee said...

But admit it, what you savoured most was Nick Stokes driving his fist into K-Fed's untoned gut. Highlight of the episode for me.

Toby said...

::shuffling feet and hanging head down::

Yes... I admit it......