Friday, May 19, 2006


You know what would have pleased the TV geek in me with that season finale of 'Boston Legal'?

If once, just once, there was a scene which had Denny Crane sharing the screen with senior partner Paul Lewiston and their L.A. client Courtney Reece.

Why? Because Denny Crane is played by William Shatner; Rene Auberjenois plays Paul; and the guest star was Jeri Ryan as Courtney.

And even though it may seem o'bvious to me to point this out, Shatner played Captain Kirk in the original 'Star Trek', Auberjenois was Chief Constable Odo on 'Deep Space Nine', and Jeri Ryan was the former Borg, Seven of Nine on 'Voyager'.

That would have provided a great frame grab to launch any number of fanfic stories.

But noooooooo! Paul had to stay behind in Boston to oversee the catfight between Marilyn Stanger and Denise Bauer.

In the end, he probably got the better deal......


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