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I realize this happened weeks ago. But as some of you know, I have an aversion to dealing with this particular topic and I tend to shy away from it.

Especially when I'm the same age......

Emmy-winning producer-director Scott Brazil, whose television shows included 'The Shield' and 'Hill Street Blues', has died at the age of 50.

Brazil died of respiratory failure due to Lou Gehrig's disease and lyme disease complications, FX Networks spokesman John Solberg said.

Brazil was executive producer of "The Shield," the first original drama series on FX Networks, and he directed 11 episodes. Brazil and "Shield" creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan won the 2002 Golden Globe for drama series.

Although his condition had worsened, Brazil used a motorized wheelchair to go about his duties as "The Shield" producer-director, Ryan said.

"He worked... to the very last day, talking to the writers, doing casting and prepping our next episode," Ryan said. "That's what made all this so stunning for us. We're kind of shocked."

"This was really one of the great guys of Hollywood," he added.

Brazil also directed episodes of "Nip/Tuck," "Grey's Anatomy," "CSI: Miami," "NCIS," "JAG," "Nash Bridges" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." He also directed the pilot of "Playmakers" for ESPN.

As a producer on NBC's "Hill Street Blues," Brazil won two Emmys for drama series in 1983 and 1984, and a Golden Globe in 1983 for TV drama series.

Director - filmography
"The Shield"
"Grey's Anatomy"
"CSI: Miami"
"L.A. Doctors"
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
"Nash Bridges"
"The Burning Zone"
"The Sentinel"
The Commish: In the Shadow of the Gallows
"Strange Luck"
"Live Shot"
"Harts of the West"
"TV 101"
"Hill Street Blues"

Producer - filmography
"The Shield" (2002) TV Series (co-executive producer) (executive producer)
Like Mother Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes (2001) (TV) (co-executive producer)
"Gideon's Crossing" (2000) TV Series (co-executive producer)
"L.A. Doctors" (1998) TV Series (co-executive producer)
"Cracker" (1997) TV Series (co-executive producer)
"Live Shot" (1995) TV Series (executive producer)
Lifepod (1993) (TV) (executive producer)
"Space Rangers" (1993/I) TV Series (executive producer)
"WIOU" (1990) TV Series (executive producer)
"TV 101" (1988) TV Series (executive producer)
"Hill Street Blues" (producer)
Thornwell (1981) (TV) (associate producer)

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