Friday, May 19, 2006


When Denny Crane returned to Boston from L.A. in the season finale of 'Boston Legal', he demanded a kiss from his law partner, Shirley Schmidt. But when she wanted a reason why she should do something so ethically challenged, Denny explained that it was the last episode of Sweeps.

Later, while relaxing with his best friend on the patio of his office, Alan Shore assured Denny that they'd still be together next season.

"Same night?" asked Denny.

Alan could only hope.

If that exchange was happening at the exact moment it aired, then perhaps their version of ABC had not yet announced their fall schedule at their upfronts. However, in the Real World, they were announced that morning - of course, too late to do anything about it in production of the episode.

Denny Crane remains the most tele-cognizant of TV characters in Toobworld today. I sometimes refer to Tele-cognizance (a condition in which the "sufferer" knows he or she is living in a TV universe) as "Addison's Syndrome"; naming it for David Addison of 'Moonlighting' who was also afflicted with the ailment.

I'd name it after Denny, but he likes saying his name so much that I don't think he'd like to share it.


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