Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Lee Goldberg pointed out in his blog (channeling Javier Grillo-Marxuach) that Lorelai Gilmore of 'Gilmore Girls' spat out "frakking Celine Dion" in an episode a few weeks back.

He goes on to quote Grillo-Marxuach further in that it was "as decisive an acknowledgment of ('Battlestar) Galactica’s newfound hipness as you are likely to find. To have a character in a show that is as relentlessly incompatible with most of the conventions of genre as 'Gilmore Girls' acknowledge Ron Moore’s reimagining of Glenn Larson’s contribution to the vernacular is - to quote another sci-fi icon - 'fantastic.'"

(That other icon would be the Ninth Incarnation of the Time Lord in 'Doctor Who'.)

It's a nice mainstream tip o' the hat for 'Battlestar Galactica', true. But it does serve up a Zonk! that must be dealt with.

Battlestar WIKI has this to say about this intergalactic expletive:

"Frak" is derived from the Original Series expletive, "frack", which was used in character dialogue far less than its counterpart in the Re-imagined Series.

The re-imagined series' production team said they felt that "frack" should be a four-letter word, hence "frak".

However, when we hear the term in the show, and in that particular episode of 'Gilmore Girls', we don't hear it as being spelled out. So in Earth Prime-Time, it has to be heard as "Fracking Celine Dion", because it is the original 'BG' series which shares the same dimension as 'GG'.

The Battlestar and the rest of its ragtag fleet finally arrived in Earth's solar system over 25 yarrens - sorry! - 25 years ago. In that time, they must have finally brought all of their people down to the planet's surface and integrated them into societies all over the world.

(And more than likely the Eugenics Wars of the late 1990s were instigated by members of the Twelve Colonies; who were either trying to shore up the planet's defenses before the anticipated arrival of the Cylons, or who were just lusting for power.)

Some of those "Galactican" refugees may have settled in Stars' Hollow, Connecticut, during the last quarter of a century. They would have found the small town to be the perfect place to hide away their unique natures.

The Gilmores take too much pride in their well-documented lineage to have just suddenly materialized in the area in 1980, so it's unlikely that Richard and his ancient mother were smuggled in from outer space.

(Although Marion Ross certainly did carry off that matriarchal high priestess vibe, just like that old pro T'Pau.)

But who knows about the other side of Rory's family? Could it be that Lorelai's love child by Christopher Hayden, Rory Gilmore herself, might be the half-blood princess of Earth and Caprica?

Maybe that's how Lorelai first learned of the pejorative term "fracking". She certainly would have had plenty of opportunity to use it when she was with Christopher.

But I'm sure there must be other candidates in Stars Hollow for suspicion as Galacticans......

What about Luke Danes? Running that coffee shop gives him a pretty low profile in which to avoid notice. And how about Sookie St. James; perhaps taking her alias from another Connecticut resident, Susan St. James? Maybe Michel Gerard assumes that foreign identity to mask how truly foreign he really is!

And then there's Kirk Gleason, who seems to be a pretty odd duck. Maybe "Kirk Gleason" is an alias chosen as a code to signify his true status among the Galacticans.

Let's avoid any possible Zonk!s which would crop up by pointing out the obvious 'Trek' connection..... "Kirk" means "church", and even in Toobworld, Jackie Gleason was considered "The Great One"........

There was a religious element on board the Galactican fleet.... Could they have been trying to signify that Kirk Gleason is a messianic mailman?

Sounds like a load of felgercarb to me........

At any rate, it's quite possible that Lorelai Gilmore grew up among Galactican refugee children and picked up a few choice words from their vocabulary, like "fracking".

And as such, a Zonk! has once again been averted.

Now what about a Celine/Cylon possibility.......?

I bet that'll keep you awake tonight!


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