Saturday, March 4, 2006


Several former stars of NBC's 'The West Wing' will make cameo appearances for the show's final segments, including the Emmy-nominated Rob Lowe, Mary-Louise Parker, Anna Deavere Smith, Emily Proctor, Marlee Matlin, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson, Timothy Busfield and Annabeth Gish.

Maybe it's because they're not considered "stars", but I hope this list doesn't mean we won't be seeing Nina Siemaszko Elizabeth Moss in the run-up to the finale as well. As the Bartlet daughters Ellie and Zoey, respectively, I would have thought that in the final days of their father's administration they'd both be there - if just for the obligatory photo op sessions which will end up in the Bartlet Library.

Speaking of the Bartlet family, I just wish we got the chance to see President Bartlet's mentioned but never seen brother. A great opportunity for storylines was squandered when he never showed up on the series. We didn't necessarily have to have another Moon Reagan or Billy Carter or Roger Clinton, but surely something could have developed by his presence in the White House.

There's another reason we should be seeing Zoey again - where in Sam Hill (or rather, Capitol Hill) has Charlie Young been for most of this season? He still works in 'The West Wing', and that's the name that the show bears, so let's get back to the people we know who still work there!

I also hope we'll see Allison Smith one last time. I would think that as Leo McGarry's daughter, Mallory O'Brien might put in an appearance in tribute to her father's memory. It would also be nice if this sad event brought her back into contact with the returning Sam Seaborn; I always had hopes for that relationship.

Two other names I'm hoping will show before it's all over - Lily Tomlin and Roger Rees. Surely Debbie Fiderer has to be involved, as she is the President's personal secretary. But I'd also like the one last chance to see British Ambassador Lord John Marbury bound into the room half-crocked to pay his respects to the memory of Leo, a wonderful butler.



WordsSayNothing said...

Don't you mean "Gerald, a wonderful butler"?

Toby said...

I wouldn't want to get those who don't breathe the rarified air of Toobworld like us too confused.

That he called Leo a butler is probably enough for folks to remember. Anymore and their noggins might explode!

Thanks for checking in!