Friday, March 3, 2006


I've often (too often?) stated that one of the basic tenets of Toobworld is that life continues in the TV Universe even when we can't view it. During the commercials, after cancellation, and even before a series is first broadcast.

And it's always nice when somebody else echoes that sentiment.

This is from "Feathers McGraw", a poster at 'The Fuselage' which is the official bulletin board for fans of 'Lost':

*I always hope that they are exploring off-camera. I hope Kate at least took all of the flashlights. I would hope that they at least opened all the doors! *

Feathers was referring to the third Dharma Initiative hatch discovered by Claire, Kate, and Rousseau in this week's episode "Maternity Leave".

I second the suggestion, and would only add that sooner or later I wish the characters would all just sit around the campfire and share the bits of knowledge that they each have. Kate should tell them all about the fake beard and filthy clothes found in that hatch; Charlie, Locke, and Mr. Eko should all tell about their encounters with the "monster"; Jack and Sawyer should describe Alex so that Claire might tell if it was the girl from her memories, etc.


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