Wednesday, March 1, 2006


I picked up for myself the new 'Action' boxed set of the first (and only) season. From what I've been reading, this will be one time when I actually listen to the commentary tracks - the backstory dish on what went wrong sounds like it'll be really interesting.

Ileana Douglas might disagree, though, from what I'm hearing....

That was all I got for myself this trip. It was more of shopping excursion for others. For my year old nephew, I picked up "Bambi II" and "Lady And The Tramp", both of which came with goodies: a "Bambi II" poster and a Lady stuffed doll.

I asked for a Tramp toy, but apparently they ran out of them yesterday! It makes sense to me - like the scalawag characters played by Clark Gable and others, Tramp makes for a great icon for how America sees itself.

As for the poster, Tommy's dad can probably use it for target practice when he's not hunting for the real thing.....

I also picked up an Alec Guinness classic - "The Man In The White Suit". Not for myself, although I should get a copy someday, but for a Korean professor of fabrics and textiles whom I met a month ago. Figured I'd better get it for her before she returns to her homeland this summer.

I didn't think of it until long after leaving FYE, but I should have checked to see if they had "Duel" in stock. There's a Dennis Weaver project that would be worth repeated viewings. (I do have the first season boxed set of 'McCloud' in the Toobworld library.)


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