Monday, February 27, 2006


The other day I hinted that this week's top crossover would involve squirrels and Martians.

There's been a change in plans; something better has come along.

The good thing is, that other crossover was from a commercial, so I can use that at any time as it's not locked down to any one week of broadcast as would be a TV show episode.

And besides, this crossover is so good, it probably would have trumped everything else that might have come along this week.

On Feb. 23rd, a special guest delivered the Top Ten list on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' - Peter Griffin of Quahog, Rhode Island.


Toons cross over from the Tooniverse into the live action Earth Prime-Time all the er, time. Best. Example. Ever. - the animated Man of Steel hanging out with Jerry Seinfeld in Metropolis for that American Express blipvert. My second favorite was Daffy Duck's job interview at Winfred-Louder on 'The Drew Carey Show'.

This appearance by Peter Griffin wasn't even the best example of a crossover between a cartoon show and 'The Late Show'. That honor would belong to those two jerks from 'Beavis and Butthead', who actually interacted with Dave during an interview.

I'm not a fan of those two jerks, but Dave has noted that he is. When it comes to Peter Griffin, however, I'm not too sure Letterman was all that enthused over the appearance by 'The Familiy Guy'. He seemed to have the same lack of spirit he displays when the humor in a Top Ten segment is going south.

I thought it was funny, however, and I've been using a variation on Number Two in my conversations at work since it aired.

Besides, having a cartoon character on a live action show is all that was really needed to make this the Crossover of the Week.

And as for that Top Ten list.......?

Top Ten Things I, Peter Griffin, Would Like To Say To America

10. "If George Bush had Dick Cheney's first name, his name would be Dick Bush; and I'll tell you I'd listen to a lot more of his speeches."

9. "Did the Patriot Act take care of Mujibur and Sirajul?"

8. "Shouldn't Crystal Bernard be in 'Playboy' by now... ? I mean we did our part and sat through seven seasons of 'Wings'."

7. "Laura Bush killed a guy."

6. "This is the best moment in television since Mr. Belvedere sat on his own nuts and fainted."

5. "Did you know Jim Belushi had a brother who was in TV, too?"

4. "Hey, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon! We're all still waiting on that second Oscar-winning script....."

3. "I have always wanted to do this...ladies and gentlemen, the Max Weinberg Seven!"

2. "If Jay Leno makes you laugh, chances are I don't care for you as a person."

And the Number One Thing That I, Peter Griffin, Would Like To Say In America....

1. "We should all buy more American-made products.... Which at last check are down to porn and cheeseburgers."

I think that beats a combination of squirrels and Martians, don't you?


"Thank you, Toby."
David Letterman
'The Late Show With David Letterman'

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