Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I'm not sure if this story holds water - The Outpost Gallifrey website seems to think so - but The Sun newspaper is reporting that 'Doctor Who' will do another crossover with 'EastEnders'. (The first one was a charity telethon sketch called "Dimensions In Time" back in the early 1990s.)

This time around, the TARDIS will land in Albert Square and the Doctor and Rose will find themselves inside the Queen Vic pub. So far, the only character from 'EastEnders' who's expected to be seen is Peggy Mitchell, but others may be seen among the pub's regulars.

Apparently Peggy Mitchell gets to call "Time, Gentlemen, please!" to the Time Lord.

I'm going out on a limb here, but here's what I think may be behind this. The crossover will serve either as the way for the Doctor to be reunited with Sarah Jane Smith (She and K9 are slated for a return visit this season!), or it will be the scene where the Doctor and Rose make their goodbyes to her.

We shall see what we shall view.......


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