Saturday, February 4, 2006


If you know how fanatical I can get regarding the concept of the TV Universe, hopefully you'll understand why I felt so light-headed as the latest episode of 'Monk' began.

To establish the scene, we were shown outside a museum in San Francisco. It was the MacMillan Museum, at which the Crowther Collection was being shown, including the Alexander Diamond.

The MacMillan Museum! In San Francisco!

Immediately the gears began turning - Rock Hudson played the Police Commissioner of San Francisco back in the 1970s and his name was Stuart -#

This is where the gears locked up. He played Stuart McMillan. Not Stuart MacMillan.

I went into denial; tried googling "Stuart MacMillan" in connection to Rock Hudson, but got no hits. Site is swarming with "Stuart McMillan" mentions, though.

And then I thought - well, maybe there was a gaffe at the sign company who made the -# And then I gave up; it just wasn't worth it.

Because if Mr. Monk had arrived at that museum, knowing it was named for former Police Commissioner McMillan (whom he probably met), then he never would have made it inside to invetigate the diamond theft. He would have been still outside, kvelling about the misprint in the sign.

But it would have been nice to make the link. Here's how I saw it play out:

Before he died, Stuart "MacMillan" revised his will to endow the museum in memory of his late wife, Sally. Or it could have been funded by his mother's estate, if Stuart "MacMillan" was still alive. (Just because the actor dies, it doesn't always mean the character dies as well.)

But it's all just a daydream. One small letter makes all the difference.

Oh well, you can't win them all.


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