Monday, January 30, 2006


Numbers are cosmic; I'm probably mistaken, but there must be something about the universe that is based on numerics. Right? No matter; stick with me on this.

Numbers surround us, and there's no better place to see proof of this in the TV Universe than in the new new Toyota Rav 4 blipvert that's currently being broadcast.

And certain combinations of numbers have great power, as we've seen on 'Lost':

"4 8 15 16 23 42"

Throughout the series, we have seen either that entire combination or subset variants play small and seemingly insignificant roles in the lives of the main survivors on 'Lost'. It stands to reason that these numbers also played a role in the lives of the other survivors we see in the background; those characters who weren't part of the cool clique, as the late Mr. Arzt might have said.

I don't think the Numbers targeted them specifically. I think the Numbers are universal. They were out there; manifesting themselves wherever they could and it was up to the individual to notice them or not.

And so it was in this week's episode of 'Veronica Mars'. On the message slip you usually find in a fortune cookie, that entire combination was Veronica's lucky set of numbers as part of her fortune. (The actual fortune? "True Love Stories Never Have Endings".)

We'll just have to wait and see if Veronica Mars has an encounter with a polar bear in Neptune, California......

Being as universal as they are, the Numbers transcend dimensional barriers. They can manifest in that combination in other universes based on Mankind's creative output.

Which is what happened a second time this week as well. In the comic book universe, the cover of "Catwoman" #51 was a mugshot of Selina Kyle as Catwoman. And the slate she was holding in the picture for identification purposes had this ID number:


For both to happen in the same week, something big might be ready to explode in the multiverse....

And doesn't it seem odd that this week's repeat of 'Lost' just happens to be "Numbers"?

Maybe Don and Charlie Eppes of 'Numb3rs' should look into this.....

But in the meantime, I'd take a look at the point spread for Sunday's Super Bowl if I wuz you......



"Most people's lives are governed by telephone numbers."

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