Saturday, February 4, 2006


I want to take a moment to mark the passing of Al Lewis today at the age of 95. I'll have more thoughts later on the passing of the man who Brooklynized Dracula, but I wanted to make sure Toobworld tipped its hat to a very funny man as soon as possible.......

"The Munsters" (1964) TV Series .... Grandpa
"Car 54, Where Are You?" (1961) TV Series .... Officer Leo Schnauser (1961-1963)

The Mini-Munsters (1973) (TV) (voice) .... Grandpa Munster

Here Come the Munsters (1995) (TV) .... Cameo appearance
Save the Dog! (1988) (TV)
The Munsters' Revenge (1981) (TV) .... Grandpa Munster
Ring of Passion (1978) (TV) .... Mike Jacobs
The Night Strangler (1973) (TV) .... Tramp

Car 54, Where Are You? (1994) .... Leo Schnauzer
Munster, Go Home (1966) .... Grandpa Munster

"Hi Honey, I'm Home"
- Grey Skies (1991) TV Episode .... Grandpa Munster
- The Case of the Masked Avenger (1990) TV Episode .... Ring Announcer
"Best of the West"
- They're Hanging Parker Tillman: Part 2 (1981) TV Episode .... Judge
- They're Hanging Parker Tillman: Part 1 (1981) TV Episode .... Judge
- On the Job: Part 2 (1981) TV Episode .... Night Watchman
"Here's Lucy"
- Lucy Plays Cops and Robbers (1973) TV Episode .... Lionel Barker
"Love, American Style"
- Love and the Amateur Night/Love and the Cheaters/Love and the Love Nest/Love and the Unbearable Fiance (1972) TV Episode .... (segment "Love and the Love Nest")
"Green Acres"
- Star Witness (1971) TV Episode .... Charlie
"Night Gallery"
- Make Me Laugh (1971) TV Episode .... Myron Mishkin
"The Jackie Gleason Show"
... aka The Honeymooners (USA: rerun title)
- Episode #4.15 (1970) TV Episode .... Himself

"Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."
- Hit and Write (1968) TV Episode .... Harry Whipple
"Lost in Space"
- Rocket to Earth (1967) TV Episode .... Zalto
"Route 66"
- A Long Way from St. Louie (1963) TV Episode .... Wait
"Naked City"
- No Naked Ladies in Front of Giovanni's House! (1963) TV Episode .... Mr. Carrari
- ...And If Any Are Frozen, Warm Them... (1962) TV Episode .... Mr. Tanner
- The Pedigree Sheet (1960) TV Episode (as Albert Lewis) .... Gus
- Ten Cent Dreams (1959) TV Episode
"The Phil Silvers Show"
- The Weekend Colonel (1959) TV Episode .... Bruno
- Bilko's Credit Card (1959) TV Episode .... Mike
"The United States Steel Hour"
- Trouble-in-Law (1959) TV Episode (as Albert Lewis) .... Paul Gordon
- Queen of Diamonds (1959) TV Episode .... Chi Chi
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BCnU, Grandpa.....


Anonymous said...

On TBS in the 1980s, Al Lewis used to host a horror movie. It was really just a kid's program with some old B-film, but he was in his lab, in full Munsters costume, and he was called Grandpa.


BRIAN-EL said...

Quite possibly my favorite character actor of all time, for what he did
both on and off screen.

At least he didn't die of pellagra...

Bill O'B said...

i'm pissed i was off work when Al Lewis died because none of the wire obits i saw mentioned anything about his appearance on Al Goldstein's Midnight Blue. I would have inserted that in some appropriate way for sure... how it was in keeping with his libertarian views, etc.

Anonymous said...

(originally posted to the IDD)

I was very sad to read of Al Lewis’ passing. If I had a dollar for every rerun of “The Munsters” I have enjoyed, I, too, could hire The Standells to play my living room. I met Al once, very briefly, at his restaurant, Grandpa’s, during a trip to attend the New Music Seminar.

He was very gracious and looked exactly as I expected him to. Meeting him was definitely the highlight of my trip.

Goodnight, Grandpa- say hello to Herman and Lily and all the Marilyns for me. I’ll catch you soon on the reruns.


P.S. The trick where you would pretend to blow smoke out of your ears?

Loved that.