Tuesday, January 10, 2006


At least in this dimension, I only have the two eyes, and limited resources to view as much as I would like. So if it weren't for sites like TVTattle, TVSquad, TVgasm, and Zap2It.TV, a lot more might slip my notice.

But stuff does escape my detection, like the Crossover of the Week featuring 'Medium'. And now I find out I missed another crossover from near the end of 2005.

Eric Forrester, patriarch of the Forrester fashion dynasty in Los Angeles, flew to Genoa City, Wisconsin, to attend the wedding of old friend Lauren Fenmore to Michael Baldwin.

He not only traveled cross-country, but he also crossed over from 'The Bold & The Beautiful' to 'The Young & The Restless'.

If my Mom had been up to snuff, she might have been able to tell me about this, as 'Y&R' is her favorite "story". But with age, combined with her physical therapy schedules, she probably doesn't see as much of the show as she once did... and even then doesn't retain half of that in her memory.....

At any rate, it wasn't Earth Prime Time-shaking news, as 'B&B' and 'Y&R' have crossed over often. Lauren and her late husband Dr. Scott Grainger took up residence in both shows, as did their psycho bitch nemesis, Sheila Carter.

Everybody knows how tightly knit LA is to Genoa City......


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