Monday, January 9, 2006


I am preparing the next generation of televisiologists.....

I received this email from Taiwan, where the "Kids Having Kids" (Sean & Gosia) are spending two years teaching. (They're the parents of my god-daughter, Rhiannon.)

Here's what Sean had to say about his oldest tyke, Eli.....

So, this morning, Eli explained to me about how, yesterday, he was watching the Lilo and Stitch tv show and it "connected" (in his words) with another show! Some characters from another disney show had come to Hawaii on vacation. I explained to Eli that this was known as a crossover. I thought you would be proud of him. he was intrigued by the concept. :)

Eli was referring to a Crossover of the Week - WHICH I JUST REALIZED I DIDN'T LIST IN THE 2005 RUNDOWN! - from last August. It was on 'Lilo & Stitch' as the boy says, and it featured characters crossing over from 'Kim Possible'.

I have big, I say, big plans for that boy!

HRMmmmmmm..... Suddenly I want to wack a guard dog on the butt with a two-by-four.....



Anonymous said...

Hi Toby. You might want to look into this for a crossover: The TV show "Numbers" has this math genius character played by David Frumholtz, a pretty bizarre character but he seems to know pretty much everything necessary to bring a solution to any case his brother the cop might have. The same actor plays a character named Mr. Universe in the film called "Serenity".
He seems to be in the same league as the "Numbers" character. When the heroes of the film have a really big problem, they say: Let's go see Mr. Universe. And Mr. Universe has the right info for them.

Toby said...

I have been pondering that exact thing! I watched the film while trapped at work during the transit strike. (It's nice to watch DVDs at work and get paid at the same time!)

But I've yet to see the entire run of the TV series, so I want to see how Krumholtz [sic] fits in there as well. But as I'm a firm believer in both strong tele-genetics as well as TV reincarnation, I think it's a good shot that Mr. Universe was a combination of descendant and reborn soul of the character from 'Numb3rs'. (Gads, I hate typing that!)

Thanks for checking in!

WordsSayNothing said...

Mr. Universe never appeared in the Firefly series. His first and probably last appearance was in Serenity.

Toby said...

Thanks, WSN!

Now it makes me wonder if they were doing a deliberate nod to "Numb3rs" with his casting?

Anonymous said...

Hi. There is another "Numb3rs" cast member in the "Serenity" film. A woman whose name I don't know. I'll ask Dave, as he knew where we had seen her before.
Take care,