Tuesday, January 10, 2006


from CBS.com:

John McCook brought his character Eric Forrester over from 'The Bold and the Beautiful' to wish Lauren good wishes.

“He's truly happy for her,” noted John. “He met Michael a few months ago and we had serious conversation about Sheila, filling him in on her. And [Michael] bought a dress from me for Lauren as they were courting. There's no residual stuff between Lauren and Eric but a lovely friendship and kind of a wink as she went down the aisle. I wish her well but it's not heavy hearted. He's very happy to wish her well.”

And from a fan site, this play-by-play recap:

The guests mingle and mill about. Put out at not being introduced to Eric Forrester, Vikki tells him she's running the company. He wishes his sons Thorne and Ridge could get along as amicably. "May the best Newman win". Vikki then quietly tells her Mom. Just keep in mind the word IS Newman, Nikki replies pointedly.

Lauren and Mike dance to a trumpet solo. JT looks put out as Mac and Kevin join in (as do John and Gloria, Scott and Joanna. Nikki and Victor - Eric and Jill - Ash and Paul. Phyllis and Jack. Chris and Nick)

Eric has to go due to an early morning meeting in LA. Lauren gives him a hug - great to see you so beautiful and happy, he says - talk to you after the honeymoon. Mike comes to tell Lauren it's time to go.

Also from that December 9th broadcast: the musical performer for the wedding reception was jazz trumpeter Chris Botti, who's worked with Paul Simon and Sting, and who scored the movie "Caught".


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