Wednesday, January 11, 2006


In his review for both 'Emily's Reasons Why Not' and 'Jake In Progress' in the NY Daily News, David Bianculli concluded with this:

"If Jake and Emily paired up on a date soon, there's a chance one of their shows could survive - by hiring both leads. Otherwise, there may be more than enough reasons why both shows, in their current incarnations, won't survive the year."

But Jake lives in Manhattan, and Emily's in Santa Monica; from one end of the country to another. And in the Trueniverse, that might be a real detriment to even meeting, let alone dating.

They live in Toobworld, however, and such logistical obstacles can always be overcome. If George Burns could turn up in a small diner in Arizona ('Alice'), and Sammy Davis, Jr., hang out at Archie Bunker's home ('All In The Family'), and Larry David could wind up in Heaven ('Curb Your Enthusiasm'), then getting these two kids together is child's play.

Emily Sanders is an editor for a publishing company, and Jake Phillips is a publicist. Sooner or later, one of Jake's clients will want to write a tell-all confessional memoir, and Jake may want to shop it to Emily's company or she might actively campaign to land it for herself.

Or she might represent a book by someone whom Jake would NOT want to see published, and from that initial conflict, sparks could fly.

At least until Jake fulfills the five reasons "why not".....

So if the producers of both shows wanted to do a crossover - and they may have to, given the reviews and ratings! - that could be the way to go.


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