Saturday, January 14, 2006


The links made via the new show 'Crumbs' are based on the same principle as those for 'Jake In Progress' and 'Will & Grace' this week: the televersions of famous people had their fictional lives expanded.

While she was a "guest" at the Cedar Hills Sanitarium in Connecticut, Suzanne Crumb won a lot of money playing poker against "that guy in Aerosmith".

I'm not so familiar with the group roster, but so long as no further information was forthcoming as to which member would be most likely in that facility with her, then I'm going to say it was Steven Tyler. And of course, that's because he can provide more links due to his membership in the League of Themselves.

Steven Tyler links 'Crumbs' to 'Stacked' ("A Fan For All Seasons"), 'Lizzie McGuire' ("Xtreme Xmas"), and 'Two And A Half Men' ("If I Can't Write My Chocolate Song, I'm Going To Take A Nap").

He also caused a commotion by just walking through a restaurant in the Sony Cybershot camera blipvert over a year ago.

With 'Stacked' and 'Two And A Half Men', he was in that transitional phase between a full guest appearance and just being talked about. That is, he was heard in the scenes but not seen.

Well, you did see his hand reach down into the bookstore's elevator where Katrina, his biggest fan, was trapped.

On 'Lizzie McGuire' he played Santa Claus for the local community and wouldn't waver from asserting his identity as Kris Kringle. But that could have been for two splainins - he didn't want a mob circus scene to go crazy if he revealed himself as "that guy from Aerosmith", and because he was "doin' it for the kids".

Over in the Tooniverse, Steven Tyler showed up in Springfield to play a set in celebration of the latest fad, a "Flaming Moe" drink. ('The Simpsons')

So by the very loose and sloppy Toobworld standards, 'Crumbs' enters the TV Universe right out of the gate.


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