Tuesday, January 24, 2006


"Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" plays the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game tonight. Tonight at 10 pm on Bravo, Bacon shows up to help the Fab 5 steer his brother and bandmate Michael through a makeover so that he'll make the right impression at a benefit concert which is being put together by their sister, Hilda.

Kevin Bacon portrayed himself in an episode of 'Mad About You' which also dealt with the Kevin Bacon game as well as on (ugh) 'Will & Grace', while the Fab 5 showed up in an episode of 'Good Morning, Miami'.

I'm sure the appearance by the Bacon Brothers will go far to bring publicity to their sister's cause, but I won't be watching unless it repeats later on Bravo. That's because I've booked my 10 pm taping sked to capture my friend Shirley Jordan on 'Boston Legal'.

Sorry, boys.


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