Friday, January 27, 2006


I didn't know about this until I read Brent McKee's blog today, and he didn't know until he read Marc Evanier's blog.

No matter, so long as the word goes out.

Yesterday actor Charles Lane celebrated his 101st birthday. If his name doesn't bring about recognition, google his image. It's hard to believe that there was ever a time when he wasn't the wizened, lemon-sucking, miser type of character which he perfected as Homer Bedlow in 'Petticoat Junction' and as a variety of McMann-Tate clients in 'Bewitched'.

Last year, in honor of his 100th birthday, Mr. Lane appeared at the TV Land Awards show. And he let the TV world know that he was still available for work. The title of an 'L.A. Law' episode says it all regarding his spirit: "Leave It To Geezer"!

God bless him and I can only hope it will be still some time before I publish a "Hat's Squad" post in this blog.....



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