Wednesday, January 25, 2006


And that's not Pope Leo II either......

In a recent interview about the final episodes of 'The West Wing', it sounds as if the producers of the show have come up with the best possible solution to the question re: Leo McGarry, now that John Spencer has died. It's one that will not only serve the purpose of the series' storyline, but also honor the memory of the man as actor and character.

In the series, McGarry is the former chief of staff in the Bartlet administration who became the vice president running mate of Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits). [Executive Producer John] Wells said the episodes filmed before Spencer's death took the show within five days of the election between Santos and Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda).

Research determined that a death of a vice presidential candidate so close to an election would make it too late for the presidential candidate to get a replacement on the ballot.

"In the case where it's right up against the election, all of the people that we talked to said the wisest thing for a candidate to do would probably be to either indicate who they want to replace them or to just go silent on the issue," said Wells. "If they lose, it's not an issue. If they're elected, it makes the most sense to wait until the inaugural and then try to get a candidate nominated and then through Congress under the 25th Amendment."
- Alan Pergament, Buffalo News

I still think I put up a good argument for getting former Governor Jack Buckland on the ballot as Leo's replacement, but in the end, the simple solution is always the best.

It's a lesson I'll never learn here at Toobworld Central. After all, where's the sport in that?

It's also quite clever that the answer doesn't give anything away as to who will be the ultimate winner of the election.....


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