Monday, January 23, 2006


Identical twins separated in infancy and raised apart from each other happens quite often in Toobworld, and that's in established plot lines. (Off the top of my head, I can think of one specific case covered in two episodes of 'The X-Files'. And then there's always two movie versions of 'The Parent Trap'.)

So of course, I've embraced the concept to splain away certain characters who look exactly alike (because in the Real World, they were played by the same actor).

Until proven otherwise in the next few weeks as 'The Book Of Daniel' runs its course, it will be my contention that the young computer genius known only as "Yoda" is the twin brother of Wilson from an episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. Wilson was the young boy whom Larry David met in the hospital and who blackmailed Larry into making it possible for him to finally see a pair of boobs. (I'm not sure if "Wilson" was his real name, or if he took his name from a movie character as well - as in Wilson of "Castaway".)

In the Real World you hear about the similarities between twins who were raised apart, and this would be the same situation in Toobworld. "Yoda" also had a fixation on girls' breasts and wanted to see Grace Webster's heavenly body in exchange for his computer tech expertise.

And if that theory should fall through (Let's say, the parents of "Yoda" claim he was an only child), then the two boys could always be identical cousins.

I think we've seen that happen before in TV Land......


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Anonymous said...

That young actor is Grant Rosenmeyer, who also played the young Adrian 'Monk' in an episode last year.

I don't think you could make the case though that he could have fathered those two other characters. It just doesn't seem likely for Mr. Monk to have cheated on Trudy, let alone have relations like that with other women.

Extramarital affairs are just too messy.... ha!