Saturday, January 28, 2006


As I mentioned in regards to that story about UPN and The WB combining to become The CW, there are certain TV news stories that are too rooted in the Real World to be of interest for Toobworld.

But every so often there are exceptions......

According to the "Hollywood Reporter", Touchstone Television has offered substantial salary hikes to the original ensemble of 'Lost' in exchange for the actors extending their current contracts to include an additional year of island-living. The studio is offering to pay the actors nearly $80,000 an episode starting with the show's third season, which is double, and in some cases quadruple, what they are currently earning. All surviving original cast members have been offered the same deal and are expected to take it.

That sounds fine, but in most of the stories about this report, all of those original survivors were mentioned.... except for Emilie de Ravin, who plays Claire Littleton.

I've got a bad feeling about this. Claire is one of my favorites on the show, a real bright spot among the sturm and drang of the other characters, even though she's had some dark moments herself.

And to tell the truth, I'm frankly quite surprised she's made it this far. But with the psychic warning her against anybody else raising her baby, and now that she's been baptized by Eko so that one day she and her baby Aaron might be reunited in Heaven should anything go wrong, I have this fear that her doom is sealed.....

But like I've often said about this show, I trust the creators of this series and I'm in it for the ride, come what may.



WordsSayNothing said...

It's probably worth noting that Emilie de Ravin, who is also one of my favorites (been a fan of her ever since her Roswell days), didn't appear in every episode of the first season, nor was she properly credited as such in the opening credits. For instance, she didn't get a credit during the ~4 episode stretch when she was kidnapped. There were a handful of other episodes prior to this in which she wasn't credited either. I have to wonder if it's possible that Claire's character maybe wasn't originally intended as a cast character, but it ended up playing out that way once they were a few episodes into filming, so they retroactively gave de Ravin partial cast credit. (Can they do that?)

Toby said...

Credits always puzzle me; why certain actors should get higher billing when they do so little compared to others. (Two come to mind from 'Superman'....) It's all about power, I guess.

But in Emelie's case, she was one of the first characters we even met and so I count her as one of the originals, screen credit be bleeped.

But it's a good point you brought up and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the way they were basing it. It must have been touchy going though to splain it to her....