Saturday, December 31, 2005


Here are most of the crossovers - at least the ones I knew about - that occurred during 2005... presented in no particular order save by grouping.

Alias - Lost
Lost - The Office
Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Exiled
Third Watch - Medical Investigations
The Young & The Restless - As The World Turns
What I Like About You - Living With FranBoston Legal - Boston Public
Passions - Las Vegas
Enterprise - Star Trek: The Next Generation
Law & Order: Trial By Jury - Law & Order & Deadline & Special Victims Unit
Cheap Seats & Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Enterprise - Star Trek's Evil Mirror Universe (also Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy ----> Queer Eye For The Straight Gal
One On One ----> Cuts

Firefly------> Serenity

Law & Order - Clubhouse
Blind Justice - CSI: NY
Stacked - Batman

Amazing Race & Survivor: All-Star Edition
Hope & Faith - Wife Swap
Joey - The Tonight Show
Las Vegas - Fear Factor
Doctor Who - Blue Peter
Less Than Perfect - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Cheez-It - Maytag
7-Up Plus - Sex And The City
Comcast - 10,000 Pyramid
Chrysler - Seinfeld
Alka-Seltzer - Everybody Loves Raymond
The Apprentice/Domino's Pizza - Papa John's Pizza

Veronica Mars - The X-Files
Crossing Jordan - CSI: MiamiNCIS - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Lost - Curb Your EnthusiasmThe Inside - Angel
Battlestar Galactica - Firefly

Justice League Unlimited - Batman Beyond & Static Shock
The Simpsons - Futurama
GEICO - Speed Racer

All My Children - Extra

Larry King Live - Primetime Glick
Passions - Nanny & The Professor

BCnU Next Year!


Anonymous said...

Good, good list. How are you defining "Poisoned Fruit"?

What's the Man from UNCLE link to NCIS? I gather it's through David McCallum.


WordsSayNothing said...

I'm not sure some of those actually occurred in 2005 proper, such as the one with Battlestar Galactica and Firefly, which really happened back in the BSG miniseries in 2003. It's just that you didn't discover it until 2005.

Toby said...

WSN is right - I read Thom's entry at his fantastic Crossovers & Spinoffs page without noticing that he was referring to the mini-series and not a discovery he made this year.

As to poisoned fruit, it's a crossover that ends up having a Zonk! in it at some point. Like Dayna portraying herself on 'All My Children', but then talking about it on 'Extra' that night. Or Jiminy Glick hosting 'Larry King Live', but then King has to show footage of Martin Short putting on the fat suit.

Finally, on 'NCIS', somebody asked Harmon's character Gibbs who Ducky reminded him of. Without missing a beat, all he said was "Illya Kuryakin".

Taken within the context of the show's reality, I interpret that to mean that he at some point in time knew the UNCLE agent.


Anonymous said...

So what's the poison for Passions? From what I read about it, the Passions/Nanny & the Professor crossover sounded pretty clever.


Toby said...

I'm not convinced it was supposed to be really Phoebe Figalilly. From what I saw, the doll transformed into the Nanny was thus a "mock". Something in the image of.... (I got the term from an encyclopedia on fairies.)

Of course, this still infers that Phoebe Figalilly actually did exist, so I'm still of two minds on the subject.

I realize this may be hard to believe as some people think I don't have any mind at all!