Friday, December 30, 2005


In a terrible attempt to compliment/hit on 'Veronica Mars', Duane the convenience store clerk said, "But if we've been getting a lot of Munsters in here, I'd say that you're the Marilyn, hon, 'cause you're pretty."

I don't think we have to worry about this being a Goth Zonk! because in the nearly forty years since Toobworld first gave us 'The Munsters', it's more than likely the world at large knows of their existence. They never hid themselves from public view - so many businessmen, politicians, law enforcement agents, crooks, and utility workers visited their home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane over the years, that I wouldn't be surprised if FBI Agent Fox Mulder showed up there as well eventually.

Besides, since the series ended, "People" magazine came along, and eventually everybody with a human interest story and at least the slightest visual quirk will find themselves profiled in its pages.

How could they ever have resisted a story in which the head of the family looked like Frankenstein's Monster, his wife and father-in-law were vampires, and his son was a werewolf?

And the fact that Marilyn was the pretty one would probably be the angle they'd end up using for the article. Of course, once the issue came out, hilarity would ensue as the rest of the family would keep it hidden from Marilyn's sight, so that she wouldn't feel upset at being singled out as the "oddity".

Working in the convenience store, Duane would probably have whiled away the hours by reading that particular issue of "People"; and so he would have known of the existence of 'The Munsters'.

(Being Toobworld, it didn't have to be "People". It could have been "Glitter" or "The National Inquisitor" as well.)

No Zonk! this time.


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Jaia said...

I gotta give you credit for the headlines you come up with - "Munsters Zonk Rally" and "Puck'd Up" are two good examples this week.

(Don't get the exclamation point at the end of all your Zonks though.)

You're still kind of nuts, but at least you come up with some fun headlines to announce that fact.